Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas!!

Happy Christmas, one and all!

We survived the flight. Louise was a wonderful helper - she carried her booster seat, and pushed Claire in the stroller (to Claire's terror). Louise had a window seat. She loudly proclaimed "I see England!!!" after we began our descent.

It is beautiful and snowy here, and we're having a marvelous time. The girls have seen Father Christmas twice - once at Gulliver's Kingdom, and again on a train ("like Thomas!!"). Both times, he gave them early Christmas presents. The first time, he kindly gave Louise some magic dust to sprinkle outside Nana & Granddad and Pop & Granny's houses on Christmas Eve, so Rudolph will find her more easily. After the train ride, we saw the Pinxton Puppets perform Little Red Riding Hood. Louise has been talking about the puppet show ever since, and recreating it for parents, sisters, and any passerby. We've seen lots of wonderful people - our old church family in Arlesey, our friends the Foreys, and uncle Andy, auntie Leanne, and cousin Josh.

Charlotte & Claire continue to expand their vocabularies. Claire has finally learnt to say "yes" (though she still says "mommy" ("mine") to refer to either parent).

We've also ridden the bus and had a ball at TWO indoor play areas. We will post lots of photos later. Meanwhile...we hope everyone enjoys a safe holiday, full of the magic and miracle of Christmas!

xxx 000

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