Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy home days

"Now we're busy at home days, Mummy," Louise exclaimed yesterday. "We made cookies, AND we're delivering cookies, AND we're going to the library, AND we're having quiet time! Before home days weren't busy. And tomorrow we're buying wrapping paper AND wrapping presents AND delivering more cookies!" Louise was a great cook's helper - she made flourless peanut butter cookies (for our neighbours with Celiac disease), double chocolate cookies, and cutout sugar cookies with pink icing.

Christmas is almost here, and Louise is very excited. We received Christmas cards addressed to each child. Charlotte & Claire weren't interested in opening envelopes, but Louise kindly opened all the cards - and distributed the cards according to the names printed on the covers. (We know she can't read, but we think it's pretty exciting that she can recognize the names).

On Thursday, after we ate at the fine dining establishment of Louise's choice (Bojangles), we went to the North Pole, via the Santa Train. Louise helped make food for reindeer (glitter & oats), sat very patiently whilst a kind elf painted a picture of Santa on her face, and enjoyed the hot chocolate. She told Santa that she wanted a "dog that walks," and he promised to see what he could do. Charlotte was delighted by the lights, but Claire did not approve of the cold (it was around 0 C).
Louise and her preschool class have been learning about castles for the past few weeks. On Friday, they held a medieval-style feast at their castle, complete with princesses, jesters, and a puppet show featuring knights and dragons. (Louise was on the programme to be the dragon, but she had a fit of shyness and chose to stay on Mummy's lap).

In other news, Louise had a dental checkup this month. She was a model patient - she sat in the chair and followed all of the dentist's instructions. She is also wonderfully loving towards her sisters. One evening, Charlotte was screaming during the car ride home. "Go down that road, Mummy!" Louise cried. "It's quicker, and Charlotte needs to get home!"

Charlotte & Claire are starting to spend more time playing with each other. The downside of this: they also spend more time fighting with each other!

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