Friday, June 18, 2010

Cleanup operation

A week ago, Louise had a special treat - Pop & Granny took her to the zoo. She saw a polar bear up close, and she learned to walk like a puffin.

The following day, she was so disgusted by the England goalie's performance that she became violently ill. (Daddy's theory, however, was that Louise just had a 24-hour virus).

More recently, Louise showed worrying tendencies towards fraud this evening. Mummy asked her to visit the potty before bathtime. "Can't," Louise replied. "There's an oil spill." Presumably her next task is to ask the government for compensation for distress, because she can't carry out her normal bodily functions.

Later, she assigned her sisters clean-up tasks in the bathtub/spill site. Claire was to clean the birds, and Charlotte was told to clean the walrus (sic!).

It is entirely possible that all this shows that Louise spends too much time listening to NPR. She certainly listens hard for inappropriate language. A few days ago she started giggling in the car. "Mummy," she laughed, "them said HOMEOWNERS!!! That naughty!!...Claire a HOMEOWNER!"

We are all looking forward to Sunday - "Sunday is Daddy's Day!" Louise likes to exclaim. "We make surprise hats for Daddy!"

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