Sunday, March 28, 2010

They made it (and so did we) - Happy 1st Birthday

Charlotte and Claire celebrated their first birthday with a small party at home. Our neighbours Judy, John, and Natasha came over. Louise and Mummy made and decorated cupcakes for the occasion - Charlotte & Claire were not terribly impressed.

Louise has finally hit the terrible threes with a vengeance. She enjoys testing boundaries - "okay, Daddy said not to do x...let's see what happens when I do x!!" And after three years of being willing to eat anything, she has become rather reluctant to eat most dinner foods.

But Louise continues to surprise and delight, when she isn't pushing Mummy and Daddy's buttons. Louise studied her sisters' diaper box carefully. She counted "two babies holding sign, two babies not holding, two, three, four-five". She then noticed that the four babies were wearing only diapers, and there was a bus in the background. To the delight of the grocery checkout operator, she observed seriously, "all kids need put on clothes before they go on candy bus. That's the rule."

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