Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Line Leader Louise is very proud of her "big girl" abilities. After some exertion one evening, she summoned Daddy and Mummy to the potty. She pointed and said "that's SO AMAZING."

Less amazing is the hard time all three girls are having with daylight saving time. Charlotte & Claire quickly finish their pre-bed snack, either bite Mummy or start giggling, and communicate clearly in their inimitable wide-eyed and non-verbal way: "whatevs, Mummy...we're ready to play now!" Louise enjoys demonstrating what can happen when two stubborn people reproduce. From 7:20 until 8:50pm last night, she loudly, frequently, and forcefully expressed her concern that she was on the verge of expiring from hunger, and that if she didn't die, her heart was going to break if Daddy did not respond to her screams RIGHT NOW.

On Saturday morning, Mummy & Daddy will be attending a parenting class at the music factory's daycare. We're hoping that they hand out magic wands, which are guaranteed to address time change problems.

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