Sunday, February 28, 2010

Screamin' babies

Everyone in the house is fully mobile now. Charlotte will now deign to crawl for more than a couple of feet. Claire is getting faster, and she enjoys scooting her way towards plugs and electrical sockets when Mummy & Daddy aren't looking.

On Saturday, Louise & Daddy left the house to run errands whilst a half dozen "screamin babies," as Louise dubbed them (aka the K14 North Durham/Orange group from came to visit the music factory. Charlotte & Claire enjoyed the company. The other babies (who didn't scream at all) were all developmentally more advanced, and one of them showed Claire what fun stairs could be (Mummy was delighted).

Louise enjoys visiting the new house and inspecting the work. Mummy surreptitiously snapped a picture of Louise on an inspection trip, before Louise began shouting "not me, Mummy! Take pictures of the wood!"

Mummy has adopted a superstitious and entirely unscientific conviction that fresh air helps babies sleep. So Charlotte & Claire were treated to a 25 minute wagon ride today despite the brisk wind.

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