Friday, February 12, 2010

Baby on the move

This week Claire has made great progress and is now crawling around. We caught one occasion on video (see below). Charlotte is still content to roll around and crawl up on anything that is remotely stationary, but she isn't crawling yet. Louise continues to "help" her sisters as she sees fit!

Charlotte & Claire exchanged Valentine's Day cards with their classmates today. Louise helped Mommy last night by sealing all of the cards with heart-shaped stickers. She was delighted to receive cards from her sisters this morning. Daddy might despise the holiday for its crass commercialism and artificiality. But it has Louise's full approval. It combines mail (post) and candy: the perfect holiday!!!

Today we also went to Louise's daycare to meet her new teacher, Ms Meg, in the Preschool class that Louise will gradually join next week. She will be moving with her good friend Katie, which is great since they have been together since they were three months old.

Louise and Katie are having a joint 3 year birthday party next Friday at daycare, organised by Katie's mom. We will aim to get some photos. Elmo (Louise's favourite character) and Spiderman (Katie's favourite) cupcakes will make an appearance.

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