Sunday, December 13, 2009

Louise's accent

Louise's accent is interesting. She follows Daddy's lead on some words ("to-MAH-to" and "GEH-redge"). On others, she is entirely Apple Pie (the back of a car is the "trunk", and she helps Daddy take "trash" to the "dump"). Sometimes she's a local (she thinks "milk" is a two-syllable word). But occasionally she is pure Louise. Yesterday she walked around the house with our neighbour Judy's stethoscope saying "my being noyrse!" (nurse).

Charlotte singing with Mummy's cousin Sarah:

Daddy's Stephen Colbert impression ("my small friends"):

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Andrea (ace1028) said...

Too funny, I swear my lil one also has an interesting mix (minus the British addition) as she combines North and WAY North (NY/ME) and then adds a Southern touch to it and I think to myself, who is this kid?