Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

9 December: We had a wonderful weekend; we visited Mummy's cousin Sarah and her family. Louise had a wonderful time playing dress-up with her cousin Lily, and Charlotte ate pizza for the first time in her life (she was very impressed). Charlotte & Claire now have two and three teeth (respectively).

Louise is very excited about Christmas. She quickly picked up the lyrics to a few Christmas songs, and she's been teaching Mummy all about Santa. (He has a sleigh and reindeer, and they all ride on his Santa train). This evening, Louise and Daddy took a walk down the road, where they admired the neighbours' Christmas lights. ("The deer's heads move, Mummy! All by themselves!!")

Louise has also learnt how to put on her coat by herself. Mr Brandon at daycare has taught her a trick way to do it, very nifty (see video below) :

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