Tuesday, September 1, 2015

First Day of School!

First and third grades have begun!  The girls were VERY excited about the school year - they woke long before their alarm clocks, and we enjoyed about 40 minutes of "can we go yet?  can we go yet?"  Charlotte was apprehensive - "tomorrow is going to be very stressful," she informed Mummy solemnly the night before.  Claire was competitive: "If Aidan isn't in my class, I can be top student!"  Louise was uncharacteristically silent.  But they all love their teachers and seem to be settling into the new routine well.  Claire told us, "Ms. Hanish is sad summer vacation is over.  I'm not."

But before school, we got a bit of summer in, at the neighbours' pool,  at a grocery store photo op, and at Green Lane Park:

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