Tuesday, May 5, 2015


It was a weekend of festivals.  Mummy went out with her friend Kate, though Charlotte did ask, "What's the point of a wine festival?  You could just buy wine at the store."  Charlotte and her sisters had a fantastic time at the Schwenksville spring festival, which featured many activities unavailable in stores:

Charlotte enjoyed a date with Daddy to another festival, the Lego Brickfest:

Charlotte builds her own creation:

 Some Star Wars characters are along for the fun:

Louise very much enjoyed "bring your child to work day."  She was able to experience Life in the Cube, isolate DNA, and, best of all, learn about security and use security cameras to observe the cafeteria.

Charlotte and Louise enjoyed their time on stage at the Evergreen Elementary Variety Show, where Charlotte danced to "Footloose" and Louise lit up the stage in a medley of "Dancing Fireflies" and "Shut Up and Dance."

In other news, Charlotte and Claire decided to "dress like twins" last week:

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