Friday, March 7, 2014

They're blinding us with science!

Last night, Louise offered salon services (hair & wardrobe) to her sisters in her bedroom.  Some of the results are below:

Today, Hillsborough was hit by an ice storm, school was cancelled, and we were without power for nearly twelve hours.  This meant that we had time to hear what was on the girls' minds.  We had surreal conversations such as:

Claire: "Why did you have three kids, mommydaddy?"

Us: stunned silence

Louise: "Mommy just got pregnant two times.  That's all.  Daddy wasn't involved AT ALL."


Claire: "But why did you have three GIRLS?"

Louise: "They just did."


Louise also took the opportunity of car travel to teach her sisters other things.  "Ice is like poison to trees, because it makes them bend over.  See?"


Perhaps inspired by big sister, Charlotte also announced, apropos of nothing, "They call me Science Kid."

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