Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Louise!

Louise was able to spend part of her birthday weekend with her best friend of virtually seven years, Katie.  Louise particularly enjoyed the princess dress-up party.  On the birthday itself, she graciously unleashed her sisters on her many packages, allowing them to open everything (under her close supervision).  Later that day, we confirmed that Everything Is Awesome at the Lego movie, which Louise enjoyed watching with her sisters and neighbors Max and Ava.

Claire "lived out her dream" and reached a new milestone this weekend: she assembled her first Lego without Daddy's help.  All the babies are growing up!

Mummy was delighted to be able to spend the weekend with Louise.  She had originally been scheduled to be in Singapore, but Snowmageddon 2014 arrived.  As a family, though, we've probably had our fill of snow for the year now.

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