Saturday, November 16, 2013

Even more party time!

C&C had TWO birthday parties to attend this weekend.  Daddy & Louise had a comparatively leisurely day of gymnastics and playing with neighbours.

Mummy's view of Party 1: the first party featured pony rides, a hay ride, and toasting marshmallows / making S'mores.  Claire's favourite aspect?  Cake.  Charlotte's?  The pony ride.

Party 2, according to Mummy: lots of happy running around at the Museum of Life & Science, 20 minutes of learning about animals (a chinchilla, a ferret, and a silky chicken).  Claire? "My favourite part was Addison (a classmate)."  Charlotte raved about the gift bag.  The contents of the gift bag were interesting.  The two bags were identical.  Charlotte pulled out a two-part toy and said, "Wow, a Propeller!"  Claire pulled out one part of the same toy and said the birthday girl "gave me a Sword of Light to fight Daddy!"

In other news, the girls were behaving like siblings Friday evening, and Louise commented on Charlotte's stature.  "I may be small," Charlotte replied, "but I can do big things!"

Louise last weekend had a playdate with Katie, who she hadn`t seen for quite a while. They had a fun morning and afternoon. With Karen's help play-doh was made and played with!

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