Sunday, July 7, 2013

Ohio vacation

We had a great time visiting Pops and Grammy in Ohio.  The children's favourite part of the trip was probably the time we spent with Mummy's friends Jerry & Eileen Becknell, their son & daughter-in-law, and their four grandkids - Sophia (8), Andrew (4), Henry (9 mos), and Matthew (9mos.)

On the first day, we visited a science museum that Mummy remembered fondly from childhood:

We spent quite a bit of time at a local park:

As you'd expect in Columbus, OH, we went on a safari and had the opportunity to see wild animals from Africa & Asia:

We also enjoyed playing board games and card games with Pops and Grammy:

At dinner on our final night in Ohio, the waitress asked, "Does anyone want anything else?"  Claire grinned and responded, "I want a guitar and a microphone, 'cuz I wanna be a rock star!"

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