Friday, December 14, 2012

Santa Train

Baby Jesus!!!  Santa!!!  PRESENTS!!!  The girls are just a wee bit excited about Christmas.  Today was a big day.  C&C had "polar express day" at daycare (they watched the film and wore pjs all day).  Next, we went to the Museum of Life & Science, where we made "reindeer food," received fake snow, had faces painted, and boarded the Santa train.  Finally, we had a birthday party next door at the Gentry home.

The mystery of the "journey to the north pole" is becoming hard for Louise to take seriously.  "Look!  People dressed up as elves!  And there's a cardboard polar bear and someone dressed up as Santa!  And someone from my school is pretending to be Mrs. Claus!  Now someone's got a red light on a string and they're pretending that Rudolph is flying!"  Eventually, with a few gentle hints, she was also able to understand that younger kids might  not appreciate her precocious objectivity and rationalism.

Nevertheless, all three girls still believe in Santa.  Louise even wrote a letter to him: "Dear Santa, Charlotte & I have been bad, but Claire has been good, and she'd like a drill set."

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