Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of Kindergarten!

6:30am: Good morning, Kindergartener!  "Go away."

6:40am: Good morning, Louise.  Time to get up.  "Go away."

6:50am: Good morning, Louise.  Put your clothes on and come downstairs.  "I want Mommy."

6:55am: Louise, you'll be late for Kindergarten.  "I'm scared!  I don't want to go.  There will be new people, and a new class, and...I'm scared."

7:00am: "I'm a big girl.  I can do this."  Dressed, cheered  by the prospect of an egg for breakfast.

7:15am: Terrified again:

7:35: in her classroom, slightly happier:

3:30pm: Pick-up.  Big smiles.  "We didn't do much art, but we did make a Kissing Hand - see?  And I made some new friends.  There was one boy I was friends with, but then he was kinda annoying.  I saw Alex at lunchtime, and we ran around the oval together at recess.  I also made another friend in the cafeteria.  Mommy made too much lunch for me - see?  ...I want to go back!"

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