Monday, June 25, 2012

A Green and Pleasant Holiday

We rode on an aeroplane to England!  The flight varied in length, depending on one's perspective.  For Louise, it was "very fast."  For Charlotte, it was much too long, and she "wanted to go home" after 6 hours. 

We were all very happy to arrive at Pop and Granny's house.  The sun came out, and the girls happily played outdoors with Pop and Granny whilst Daddy and Mummy collapsed for several hours.  Sleep was a struggle Sunday night.  Claire & Charlotte started in Uncle Andrew's old room, then moved to Mummy & Daddy's room (with Daddy).  Mummy then came in, and Daddy left.  Around 11pm, Charlotte became quite talkative.  Amongst a million other things, Charlotte told her sister: "When two suns come up, then we will play football, Claire."  Sadly, that also proved to be the condition for England beating Italy.

Today, we woke around 11am and went to several parks with Nana and Grandad.  Louise became a balloon vendor after dinner time.  "Come to the shop to get a free balloon," she cried.  "Only $6!"

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