Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pops & Grammy

Pops & Grammy have returned to the Eastern half of the US, and they came to visit for the first time since September.  Do you remember Pops & Grammy, we asked Louise.  "Of course!  Pops brings us presents.  But he doesn't have to bring something this time."  Of course, he did bring something - a zebra pillow pet for Louise ("Carrot!"), a giraffe for Claire, and "Chocolate" Moose for Charlotte.  Pops' sister Candy also came to visit, with her friend Ken.  Charlotte got a haircut after gymnastics on Saturday, so she is fully visible.  Her teacher commented today, "She looks all grown up - like a proper three year-old!"  Claire remains skeptical of the virtue of haircuts, so she now has the longest hair in the family.

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