Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sam and Ella

Today, Mummy turned in the paperwork for Claire to be evaluated by a speech therapist on Friday. This afternoon, Claire looked at the keyhole to the ignition switch on the car and said, with perfectly clear diction, "I need money!" Her daily report from day care and a quick, unscientific test also showed that she can recognize some letters. So although she has trouble telling the difference between a car and a shopping mall ride, perhaps Mummy was more worried than she needed to be.

Louise went back to the doctor's office today. The good news: he didn't brush her off with "it's a virus" again. The bad news: "It might be salmonella." We don't know yet - we came home with three primary-colored test tubes that look like something out of a Hollywood movie about science. We'll send them back with stool samples and find out in a few days...

Meanwhile, she is still full of energy - perhaps she represents a new evolutionary stage, and although she enjoys food, she runs on energy that she sucks out of the ether and those around her.

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