Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rubadubdub, three girls in a tub

We are enjoying a very extended Christmas season. Thanks to our failure to tell most people that our address changed, we're still receiving and opening Christmas gifts. Louise's favourite bedtime story book is an anthology of Christmas tales (a wonderful gift from the Becknells). And, of course, she and her sisters still enjoy their Santa hat.

Otherwise, life continues much as normal. We saw "ammuls" at Petsmart this weekend - dogs, hamsters, birds, and fish. Louise earned three stars and cashed them in for a special ice cream treat with Mummy. Best of all, we took a walk in the woods with Judy and her dogs.

Claire's new phrase is "sit down!" (and her word of the week is "mine"). She loves saying both to her sisters whenever they might be appropriate. Charlotte's comprehension continues to grow, but her verbal skills haven't changed much in the last couple of weeks. We may need to find a new address for the blog, because Louise has begun to insist that her name is "Louise Mary Atherton WITKIN" (the surname of her best friend, Katie).

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