Monday, November 15, 2010

Cold teeth

Charlotte & Claire had a babysitter for the first time this weekend. Ms. Meg, Louise's former teacher, spent a couple of hours with all three girls whilst Mummy & Daddy consulted with Santa. Not only did the kids have a great time making edible play doh, but by the end of the two hours, they could do the sign for the phrase "thank you."

On Sunday, Mummy cut Charlotte's hair. It isn't terribly even, but it does allow her to see, and she now looks like a blonde version of the Sixpence None the Richer lead singer.

Louise's imagination & logic continue to delight us. "I'm a fish," she told Daddy this evening. "I'm an alligator!" he countered. "I'm a polar bear!!" exclaimed the former fish. "You can't bite me, or your teeth will get cold."

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