Sunday, April 25, 2010

Louise the Entrepreneur

Louise set up a "dentical" school in the pack-n-play on Saturday (a mix of dental and medical, from what we could gather). "Claire, you work for me," she informed her sister. Louise was also busy asking Mommy and Daddy what their favourite ice cream was and then serving it to them. Next door to the school, of course, was a recycling centre where Louise would take the recycler's picture and give him a piece of candy. "We need to recycle all this," Louise said, gesturing to Daddy's computer and box of papers.

Louise also had her haircut this weekend. She agreed to keep her hair bow in for at least 2 hours!

Louise continued to use her balance bike and was so confident that she wanted to do a one legged balance which she called "the chicken".

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moll-o said...

Louise is quite adept with her bike! She'll soon need some pedals!