Saturday, January 30, 2010

My snow!!

We've had a respectable snowfall in North Carolina. Louise was rather excited. Last night she danced around in the precipitation, shouting "MY snow!!!" This morning, she enjoyed playing in it (until the socks she was wearing on her hands as mittens became sodden and she got cold). She was only mildly disappointed that the snow couldn't be shaped into snowballs - it was still fun to throw. Later in the day, she composed an ode entitled "White Powder" that, while perhaps not destined for a place in musical history, had an earnestness and sweetness that Eric Clapton's similarly titled song lacked.

Charlotte & Claire loved going for a ride in the red wagon in the snow. After we came back inside, Claire paid tribute to Monty Python's "Killer Rabbit" sketch.

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Carole McConnell said...

I wish you could have posted a video of Louise singing her snow song. But I loved the photos nonetheless.