Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Christmas gifts

This week we have spent time getting a Christmas gift parcel for an orphan in a poor country put together. Louise named the female recipient "Lucy" and in the video below goes through what we bought for her. Louise then asked if she could open her own Christmas presents, and when we said it wasn't Christmas time yet, she replied "I see it snowing".

Claire is becoming ever more proficient at sitting up; she can sit unaided for 15+ minutes. She is showing interest in crawling, and she does a funky breakdancing move that results going precisely the opposite direction from the one in which she wishes to travel. Charlotte is still watchful and observant, and she prefers to be held (preferably by a moving person) during every waking moment. Daddy managed, however, to capture a moment when the C&C Music Factory (as their uncle has dubbed them) were both at rest:

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